21 September 2012

In Transition

After a long time of not posting, I thought it was an appropriate time to start up again, to mark the end of one phase and the start of a new one.

Next week we are moving from Albury to Toowoomba, where DH has a new job. The packers are here at the moment, so our house looks like this:

They are doing a really good job, but it's still pretty disruptive to have all one's possessions wrapped up in boxes and taken away. After they finish, we will be getting the house cleaned and then leaving next Monday to drive up. It's a good 2 days drive, but we aren't in any huge rush since the furniture won't be arriving until next Friday, so we will be "camping" in the old house and in the new one for a couple of days at both ends of the trip. At least we still have Internet and TV.

And knitting of course! Last night I finished a vest that had been in hibernation for quite a while. It turned out pretty well, except for a mistake on the back that hopefully no-one except me will notice

Last week I finished not one but two projects. The first, and most impressive, was the Kaffe Fassett pattern that I had been working on for almost 18 months. DH loves it, but keeps saying he's afraid he will spill food on it. I joke that it should be framed and only brought out to wear on special occasions.

 The other finished project was a cardigan that I spun the yarn for during the Tour de Fleece (spinning along with the Tour de France). It was originally planned to be my Ravellenic Games project (knitting along with the Olympics) but I knit so much that I got tendinitis and had to take a break. I did finish it during the Paralympic Games though, which was fitting since I had a temporary disability. The wool/flax yarn is still a little stiff, so I might need to wash it a couple more times to help it soften up.

I hope I will get a chance to walk around the neighborhood and take some final photos of the birds and wildlife before we leave. It should be possible since most of the time we are just hanging around trying to stay out of the way.

Next - on the road again!

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