01 January 2012

2012 - a new year, a new blog

January 1st 2012, the first of what I hope will be a regular blogging 'habit', and hopefully of interest to someone besides myself.

This first post will be pretty short while I get the hang of this new way of expressing myself, and decide what it is I really want to write about. I plan to mainly talk about my ongoing knitting and spinning projects, particularly as I've only recently started spinning and am still on a fairly steep learning curve.

I will also talk about, and hopefully show photos of, the birds that I see around the place, and any travel that I get to do during the year. As well, I'll mention anything else that happens to strike my interest, particularly interesting or quirky technological bits and pieces.

To finish off, a couple of photos that I took with my iPhone in the centre of Brisbane the other day (surprisingly good quality for a phone):

A Christmas angel in the Queen Street Mall

Lovely terrace on an old hotel.

Next time I'll talk about my current knitting and spinning projects.

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  1. Amazing design! The list of links looks great and the photos from the iphone look amazing. So much for a good digital SLR.